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At CRP, we believe in the power of the group. Our experience shows, and academic research supports it, that individuals that attend group therapy are often more successful in their treatment, and have a much more satisfying personal treatment experience. In cases of abuse or trauma, groups provide social support, they improve social networks and they can reduce stigma, isolation and feelings of alienation among members. 

We have designed a number of groups that cater to our clients' needs. That said, as needs continue to change so can our offerings. Our goal is to help you find the support you need! If you don't see a group that is suitable to your needs, please let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Level I: The Adolescent Wellness is an open-ended treatment program designed for teens (ages 13-17) who are experiencing adjustment issues related to life challenges.  The program therapy services more frequently than weekly, but not at an intensive level.  Topics may include coping enhancement, stress management, interpersonal communication skills, and self-esteem building.  The program will include group therapy and family therapy.


We currently have 2 adolescent groups taking place in Sarasota, FL:

1. A Processing Group. Ages 15-17. Group size: 6-8, Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Teens today face a lot of issues- social media, peer pressure, identity confusion, anxiety, depression, bullying, as well as having a huge entertainment industry influence portraying these topics in prevalence. How would our teens not have troubles?? The group focus would be to help teens navigate these troubled waters. Due to the nature of topics the could be discussed, including but not limited to identity issues, sex, and other mature topics, a permission form signed by parent/guardian would be needed. Youngster teens would be discouraged due to developmental appropriateness. This group could be held as long as there is interest and attendance. 

Facilitator: Angela Bushell, LMHC

2. A Psychoeducational (skills) Group. Ages 13-17.Group size: 6-8, Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Teens today face a lot of issues, which can cause them to react in undesirable ways as they try to cope with feelings that arise for them. Do they struggle with those coping skills? Are their current coping skills maladaptive? Could they use new coping skills? Coping skills that will be taught include those needed for tolerating distress, helping to regulate emotions, and improve interpersonal effectiveness.  Because of the variety of skills taught, each set of skills would be taught over a period of 5 weeks, with each 5 week segment focused on one skill set (ex: emotion regulation is one set of skills, that would be taught over 5 weeks, and the next week the next skill set would be discussed). Homework would be provided to help teens practice the skills, with reporting back to group what went well, and how they could be improved. This group builds off each day. , it’s recommended each teen participate each skill set for all 5 weeks. Because it isn’t a processing group where mature topics may be discussed, teens in general would be welcome to learn better coping skills. Could group could last as long as there is interest and attendance; the skills would repeat after all skills have been covered over a 15 week span. Teens are welcome to repeat blocks of skills sets as desired in case they missed something, or if they’d like a refresher.


Level II: The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a structured 6 week treatment program designed for teens (ages 13-17) who are struggling in their everyday lives due to mental health or substance abuse issues.  The program is designed to help students develop healthier coping strategies, improve communication skills and enhance their relationships at home and at school.  An appropriate candidate is a teen who is still able to live at home and function within the community, but one who could benefit from a treatment plan and services more comprehensive than weekly individual therapy.  The program is medically supervised and can be an alternative to inpatient treatment or as a transition from inpatient care to outpatient treatment.  The IOP will include group therapy, family therapy, and medical supervision.

The group takes place in Sarasota, FL office only,  Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays 3:00pm-6:00pm

Facilitator: TBD

Adolescent Wellness

The Women's Support Group is a therapy group brings together women, who want to talk about ways to manage life's internal and external challenges. Members may share whatever is on their mind, to the degree that they wish, in a setting that is safe nonjudgemental, supportive, and affirming. 

The group takes place in:

Sarasota, FL office on Wednesdays from 1pm-2pm

Hackensack, NJ office: THIS GROUP IS ON HOLD

Facilitator: Sylvie Jeanloz, LCSW in Sarasota, FL

Women's Support Group

The Women's Circle is a support group for Russian speaking women.  It  is a safe place to share your stories, concerns and  challenges of your own life. Relationships with other people, problems of choice and decision making, difficulties of growing up and raising children, reflections on life and death sometimes raise questions that cannot be answered alone. So share your difficulties with those who understand you!


The Women's Circle is a place where the most safe and comfortable atmosphere is created, in which we will talk about topics that are important and interesting for you at the moment. You have a wonderful opportunity to pay attention to your experiences and get support. 

The group takes place weekly, time TBD
Facilitator: Svetlana Tolstova, Psychologist and Life Coach

Women's Circle
Listening to Music

This Group is based on the Listening Hour method. It was created by Jonathan Fox during the pandemic especially for supporting people during a transformational phase. Jonathan is also a co-founder of Playback Theatre, a story-based approach to community theatre based on acting out on the spot real stories of audience members.

The goal of Listening Hour is an exchange of personal stories in a manner that promotes connection, meaning, and resilience.

We will meet in group of 6-10 people online and will share stories meaningful for you. It could be any stories:

·      your personal experiences

·      (seemingly) small things and big

·      the past and the present


We will open to listen each other deeply and it create a supportive and therapeutic atmosphere. This group champions tacit knowledge, the often unrecognized wisdom that comes from everyday experience, as well as dialogue that expresses itself through stories.


You need just 1 hour and 15 min to be focused in a meeting, take a cup of tea and be with other people. 

The group takes place weekly

Facilitator: Olga Sanachina, art-based therapist, group facilitator and playback-theatre performer.

Listening Hour
Luxury Beach House

This is a support group for those experiencing any type of hardship in their relationships. Group members realize that their issues are shared by many, that there is no shame in feeling depressed, lost, vulnerable, or scared. Supportive community empowers people to seek answers and find solutions. 

The group takes place in Hackensack, NJ office on Wednesdays,7:30pm-8:30pm

Facilitator: Mike Bellamy, LCSW

Relationship Group

The Sustaining Wellness Therapy Group:

The group brings together people, in a nonjudgmental setting, who want support, encouragement and input regarding ways to manage life’s challenges.

The group takes place in Sarasota, FL, Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm.


Facilitator: Sylvie Jeanloz, LCSW in Sarasota, FL

Sustaining Wellness Group

This is a support group for native Russian speakers. People who have been dealing with depression, anxiety, social isolation, recent losses, who have been suffering from chronic physical conditions or age related impairments find validation and acceptance among each other. Group members realize that their issues are shared by many, that there is no shame in feeling depressed, lost, vulnerable, or scared. Supportive community empowers people to be effective in symptom management, in addressing medical problems, in relating to their relatives and friends. 

The group takes place in Hackensack, NJ office on Tuesdays,1:15pm-2:15pm

Facilitator: Katya Chizhova, LCSW

Support Group for Russian Speakers 

This group is designed for individuals who are facing ongoing mental health challenges due to medical and psychological issues. This group is a place to share progress and satisfactions, as well as roadblocks faced. If you are looking for compassion and support, this may be the group for you. 

The group takes place in the Sarasota, FL office on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12-1pm
THIS GROUP IS ON HOLD. If interested in participating, please let the front desk know.

Facilitator: TBD

Seeking Higher Ground Group

PTSD & TRAUMA GROUP: Stress Inoculation Therapy (SIT) is one of the most commonly used anxiety management treatments for PTSD and is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). SIT was originally developed for anxious individuals developed in 1994 by Donald Meichenbaum Ph.D., incorporating psycho-education and skill building techniques such as relaxation, thought stopping, breath retraining, problem solving, and guided self-dialogue. Stress Inoculation Therapy (SIT) is a psychotherapy method intended to help clients prepare themselves in advance to handle stressful events successfully with a minimum of stress. Additional techniques that will be taught, with the goal of helping individuals reduce their symptoms of PTSD, will include processing the trauma narrative, self-regulation and grounding techniques, use of safe place imagery and mindfulness. The goal of the group is to build resiliency and work towards bringing the individual who has experienced trauma to the level of functioning they had prior to the incident.

The group takes place in the Sarasota, FL office on Fridays from 5:30-6:30pm.
THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. If interested in participating, please let the front desk know.

Facilitator: TBD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Trauma Group
Anger Management Group


Participants may come to this group due to relationship problems, job problems, legal problems, domestic violence or simply because they are uncomfortable with their anger level or how they express frustration.  The goal for the group is for participants to both decrease the intensity of their feelings and to be able to express themselves in constructive pro-social ways. The group session in Hackensack is for men only, while the Sarasota group is co-ed.


At its base, the group covers the concepts from the cognitive-behavioral Anger Management treatment manual published by SAMHSA (the U.S. SA and Mental Health Services Agency).   Beyond this, the group offers psychological perspectives on anger as it relates to issues of self-esteem, communication, parental modeling,  psychiatric disorders and trauma. 


The group is small and highly interactive--participants bring in their weekly experiences and subject them to analysis and group discussion.  The group is normally completed in 12 sessions, though some participants stay longer for either legal or personal reasons. A certificate of completion is given to those who complete the program.

The group takes place in the Hackensack, NJ office on Wednesdays from 6-7pm.
THIS GROUP IS ON HOLD. If interested in participating, please let the front desk know.

Facilitator: TBD

The group takes place in the Sarasota, FL office on Mondays from 5:30-6:30pm.

THIS GROUP IS ON HOLD. If interested in participating, please let the front desk know. 

Facilitator: TBD

This group is for individuals seeking support and encouragement during addiction recovery. By learning from each other, members move beyond the suffering in addiction and push forward through the stages of change. Recurring themes in recovery are explored each week with topics ranging from acceptance, self awareness, and resiliency. The general focus is motivational enhancement and practical relapse prevention skills for sobriety. Our hope is to empower each individual in the present by reinforcing principles of honesty, open mindedness, and willingness from the 12-step program. Let's face the challenge together!  

The group takes place:
Sarasota, FL offic
e on Mondays, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Hackensack, NJ office on Mondays and Thursdays, 6:00pm-7:30pm

THIS GROUP IS ON HOLD. If interested in participating, please let the front desk know.

Facilitator: TBD

Recovery Strategies
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