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IOP Testimonials

"I wanted to stay in bed, watching TV while not showered and undernourished. I could barely take care of myself let alone get dressed and drive to group. I, however, had no choice. I used all my energy to come to group. Much to my surprise, I immediately felt a connection to my peers and started sharing my story while also listening to everyone else’s. I immediately felt comfortable and knew the group would help me at some level. And it has. Each week, I learned more and more about myself as well as my peers. They along with the facilitator became my family. I could safely share anything and would always get helpful feedback and advice. It felt “normal” knowing that I was not alone in my thoughts. Others felt similar and that was comforting. I am grateful I gave the group a fair chance because it has helped me tremendously. I feel stronger and well supported. I can now get up, get ready, eat, and eagerly come to group. I have greatly benefitted from everyone.”-Female participant, Age 37


"Being in group has helped me so much. At first, I was unsure about attending, because I didn’t want strangers to know what I was going through. During the first week of being in group, I realized that there was no one to judge me, like outside of the group. I felt comfortable talking about my problems to people whom I’ve never met. I would not have imagined in my life that this therapy would be beneficial to me. So, anyone who is considering attending a group therapy session, but is not sure, don’t be afraid to discuss your issues, other people are going through similar situations as you.”-Male participant, Age 45

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP)

If you're struggling with depression, bi-polar disorder, suffer from debilitating panic attacks, persistent worry, fears or phobias, or generalized anxiety, and these symptoms are severe enough to interfere with functioning at work and/or interpersonal relationships, help is available! Our Mental Health IOP may have the solution that you're looking for. At Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, our caring staff empathizes with your condition, and we provide therapy that may help you overcome a condition that affects your ability to enjoy your life and personal relationships. We're dedicated to our clients, and we believe that you deserve a happy and satisfying life.


Mental Health IOP is a 3 hours a day / 3 days a week program


MH-IOP is a 3 hours a day / 3 days a week intensive group treatment. It is designed to help patients to restore their mental health. The patient participates in a structured program with other patients, who are affected by similar issues. Major Insurances (except Medicare) cover the Mental Health IOP treatment. 


Clinical directors of Mental Health IOP:

  • Psychotherapist Yulia Braginsky, LCSW - Hackensack, NJ office

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Michele Privette, ARNP-C, and Psychotherapist Brett Sondag, LMHC (clinical coordinator) - Sarasota, FL office


Most of MH IOP participants qualify for a medical leave of absence from work/short term disability. We will assist with providing medical documentation to your employer.


Individualized Treatment


At Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry we understand that different patients have varying needs. When you come to us to get help, we'll take the time to learn about the circumstances that may have led to your problem. From there, we'll work to devise a customized treatment plan for you. If you qualify, participating in MH-IOP may significantly improve your level of functioning, allowing for a quicker return to your everyday activities such as work, family, or other personal obligations. A combination of group therapy, individual counseling and closely monitored medication management has been validated by research as one of the most effective forms of treating mental disorders.


With a warm, inviting office atmosphere and flexible appointment scheduling, Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry makes Mental Health IOP easily accessible in Hackensack, NJ and Sarasota, FL. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us today.

We're Open

8am-8pm, Mon-Sat

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Our Professionals

Highly qualified and experienced

  • Psychiatrists (MD/DO)

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)

  • Clinical Psychologists (PhD)

  • Psychotherapists  (LCSW/LMHC/LPC)

Our Services

Since 2003 our Center has been able to help more than 20,000 patients. In recognition of our services over the years we received multiple Patients' Choice Awards, and in 2020 we have received CARF accreditation!

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