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Why Choose Us?
  • Locally Owned & Operated Since 2003

  • All Services Under One Roof

  • We Accept Most Major Insurances (please call the office to see if we accept yours)

  • Highly Experienced & Educated Professionals

  • Flexible Appointment Availability

  • Comfortable, Relaxing Environment

Our Services

Since 2003 our Center has been able to help more than 20,000 patients. In recognition of our services over the years we received multiple Patients' Choice Awards!


As of 2020, Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry's SA Abuse IOP has been CARF certified, which is a testament to our dedication to excellence in care and our commitment to achieving the highest quality of results for our patients.

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Compassionate Psychiatric Services

There are lots of good reasons for seeing a psychiatrist. Maybe you've recently been through something traumatic. Or perhaps you're having trouble coping with issues, emotions, memories, or thoughts. No matter your reason for seeking help, Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry is available to you in Hackensack, NJ and Sarasota, FL.

Often people ask: What are the Psychiatric Services? What is the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist? Here is a brief description of what a Psychiatrist does at the Center:


1. Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Assessment


At your first visit, our physicians will perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. It will take 15 min to fill out the paperwork and 45 min to be seen by a medical provider. All our providers practice state –of- the- art- psychopharmacology. They are well qualified to treat all Mental Health problems in adults, children and elderly. 

We anticipate that you will actively participate in the process of evaluation by sharing as much as possible your history, symptoms and feelings. The working together will enhance your ability to deal with problems. It will help to develop a well working treatment plan by selecting right type and dosage of medications and/or using psychotherapy.  By the end of the visit your provider will help you to schedule the follow-up appointment to monitor your progress.


2. Follow up medication monitoring


The goal of this appointment is monitoring your progress towards the recovery. It can last from15 to 30 min depending on complexity of your condition. During the visit your provider will assess your ability to tolerate the prescribed medication, identify any side effects, and identify whether you have favorable or unfavorable responses to medications. Be honest in describing any new feelings, thoughts, symptoms or behaviors. It will help to early recognizing a need for medication dosage adjustments or switch to different one, and provide helpful educational intervention.


Your Needs Addressed


Very best Psychiatrists and Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide comprehensive services to patients at Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry:

  • Our Medical Providers:

    • Marina Tourkova, MD - Hackensack, NJ office

    • Marina Nesterenko, MD - Sarasota, FL  AND  Hackensack, NJ

    • Vera Solovieva, MD - Hackensack, NJ office

    • Azra Mansoor, MD - Hackensack, NJ office

    • Lucille Green, MSN, RN - Hackensack, NJ office

    • Vadim Oyvin, MD- Hackensack, NJ office

    • Zhanna Berman, PMHNP, FNP- Hackensack, NJ office 

    • AND Sarasota, FL office

    • Laura D'Angelo, MD - Sarasota, FL office

    • Michele Privette, ARNP-C - Sarasota, FL office

    • Eduardo La Rosa, APRN - Sarasota, FL office

When you come to Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, you can rest assured that your sessions will be conducted in a comforting, confidential and pressure-free environment. Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, is dedicated to addressing your specific needs, fears, problems, and concerns. And with flexible scheduling, making an appointment couldn't be easier. Our Psychiatrist and Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners serve adult, geriatric and child populations. 

Don't let troublesome or negative thoughts fester. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life. Call now for more information or to set up a consultation.

We're Open

8am-8pm, Mon-Sat

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Our Professionals

Highly qualified and experienced

  • Psychiatrists (MD/DO)

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (APRN)

  • Clinical Psychologists (PhD)

  • Psychotherapists (LCSW/LMHC)

Sarasota, FL Location
Hackensack, NJ Location
Call Us Today for an Appointment

Our highly trained Psychiatric team is ready to help you! 


Our staff is dedicated to your satisfaction, and we offer care that could help you achieve your dreams. During your office visits, you can speak with your therapist and explore the way that your thoughts and behaviors are interconnected. We believe that we could help you with a variety of issues, and we provide: Medication management, Psychotherapy, Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP).


Whether you're struggling to cope with a recent loss or just feel blue for no reason, Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, PC may be able to help. Our friendly staff can accommodate your schedule by finding convenient appointment openings during our flexible office hours. Contact us if you'd like to work with a psychiatrist whose goal is to improve your outlook on life.

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